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Folded Word is an all-volunteer press dedicated to exploring the world, one voice at a time. We publish books and chapbooks of poetry, fiction, travel narrative, translation, and literary essay. We also publish the e-zine unFold.

We are passionate about finding new voices and giving veteran writers a sandbox to play in. We strive to make literature a sustainable and accessible art form through ecologically-aware production methods and disability-friendly ebooks. And while technology is at the heart of everything we do, we find ways to honor centuries-old publishing traditions whenever possible. We believe technology should not be an end to itself, but merely a tool to keep literature in the hands and hearts of readers.

If you are interested in publishing a chapbook with us, please review our submission guidelines at:


our chapbook formats, past and present

Our Green Edition chapbooks were a nod to our sustainability goal. Green parchment paper made the cover literally green. A 100% recycled content paper made the textblock figuratively green. These chapbooks were made to save green as well, being modestly priced and lightweight to save on postage (and thus fossil fuel during shipping).

Our Signature Edition chapbooks were a nod to traditional craftsmanship. Hand made with archival quality materials, these numbered chapbooks were limited to a print run of 75. Watch one being constructed below:

Due to our ever-expanding list, however, we are no longer making chapbooks by hand. As of 2013, we now print our chapbooks in a 5×7 paperback format, distributed by the Ingram network alongside our full-length books. In 2014, we started offering subscriptions to the annual chapbook list.

What is a chapbook, you ask? Chapbooks are collectible artifacts that contain around 24 pages of poetry, fiction, essay, or just about any other subject matter. Historically they were made from one large sheet of paper that was folded, sliced, and bound to make 8, 12, 16, or 24 page booklets. They were often illustrated with random woodcuts—produced to be affordable by “commoners” who bought them on the street from “chapmen” (thus the name chap-book). Today’s chapbooks range in production methods and artistry to including just about anything that is bound in one signature.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. john martone says:

    I wonder if you’re still reading submissions for your poetry chapbook series?

    1. Yes we are. If we fill all the slots for your particular genre, then we’ll start reading for 2017 slots. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Gabriel Bates says:

    I’m very interested in submitting a manuscript, do you consider haiku chapbooks? and are you currently accepting submissions in that genre?

    1. We absolutely read submissions for that genre. Please make sure you’ve read at least one of our two published collections before submitting (we have a third collection coming out at the end of the year). You can see our production method here: http://foldedword.bigcartel.com/product/what-was-here. And Ben’s WASP SHADOWS is available on Kindle for a big discount off the print price. When you submit, be sure to include 30 haiku, with 3-4 spaces between each one (double-sided printing or using columns is OK too), so that the entire submission only takes around 3 pages that can be folded into a standard business envelope.

      1. Gabriel Bates says:

        thank you for the info! I’ll be sure to read up a bit more and submit soon, hopefully.

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