Orange Balloon

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front cover

short fiction by Samantha Priestley
illustrations by Megan Graustein

  • ISBN 978-1-61019-232-3
  • paperback, 80 pages
  • List price: $10.50
  • Released August 2016

Seeking sanctuary from his memories, a man carries a balloon, but its orange glow marks him as different from others: wounded. Water has fallen “from the heavens and covered him till it was in his eyes and mouth and ears.” All but drowning in the consequences of a moment of inattention, he blindly walks and prays, afraid of what he may find if he allows himself to look.

Copies are available at most online booksellers. They are also available to special-order from most brick-and-mortar bookshops.

To read the Pushcart-nominated excerpt “The Water of Leith”, click here to download the PDF from our public Dropbox.

To hear Samantha read an excerpt during her live chat with Folded’s Sarah Gibson, watch this YouTube video:


Samantha Priestley is a UK-based writer of fiction and articles on various subjects. Her first novel, Despite Losing it on Finkle Street, is published by Fygleaves Publishing; her second novel, Reliability of Rope, is published by Armley Press. Her previous short story chapbook, Dreamers, is published by Folded Word. Her short stories and articles have been published in anthologies and magazines around the world; she also won first prize in The H E Bates Competition and The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre Prize. Samantha lives in Sheffield with her two daughters and three cats.

Megan Graustein has provided glyphs, cover elements, and other embellishments for numerous Folded Word titles, including 101 Kinds of Irony (by Kevin Griffith, 2012) and Mosquito Rain (by Dan Szczesny, 2016). She is currently studying art and graphic design at Gordon College in Massachusetts.


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