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by David Oestreich

  • ISBN 978-1-61019-230-9
  • $8.50 US paperback
  • $0.99 US ebook coming Fall 2016

If you sit up at night thinking about leaves realizing they’re each alone / and out on a limb, or wait for each day to be sliced in half — even if you don’t admit you do — David Oestreich is your poet.  Like Thoreau, he begins by turning to nature; like Whitman, he sees every plant, every animal (even the newly-departed) as a brother.  COSMOPHAGY is a love song to the earth, to language, and to you.  Come.  Listen.  The voice you hear may speak to your own.

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DAVID OESTREICH is a maker of poems, fishing flies, and Saturday-afternoon semi-haute cuisine. His poetry has appeared in Ruminate, Tar River Poetry, Chagrin River Review, and Red Wheelbarrow. He lives with his wife and three children in Northwest Ohio. To learn more please visit him at his blog.


“With a sensibility deeper than the merely contemporary, David Oestreich is writing in the company of Herbert, Hopkins, and a great cloud of witnesses. These poems insist on the meaningfulness of creation, on the full weight of the logos, and they do so with romantic energy and classical wisdom. Here you will find that rare treasure: poems for those in love not just with language but also with the world residing just beyond language’s reach.”

~ Benjamin Myers, Oklahoma State Poet Laureate and author of Lapse Americana.

“In David Oestreich’s debut chapbook, Cosmophagy, the poet desires to “speak,/not the names of things,/but things themselves, until/[his] every word/admits a universe.” These words indeed admit galaxies of joy, contemplation, and worship, recognizing orioles, maples, alewives, and other natural wonders for the unassuming miracles that they are. Images and unexpected turns of phrase will leave readers breathless–and voracious–as they follow their poet/seer/(chef?) to savor and devour the world.”

~ Tania Runyan, author of A Simple Weight and Second Sky.

“David Oestreich’s Cosmophagy creates a world where what is typically hidden is very much in plain view. Transformation is the rule of the day here, and the reader witnesses the salamander become lava droplet and dragon, the sun as an old vagrant, and the wind’s voice [that] runs like a skink. More than anything else, Cosmophagy has made me rethink my position as an observer of the world. Don’t be misled by the brevity of some of these poems: they are teeming with movement, both on and below the surface, transformative life in its many forms, not the names of things, / but things themselves.

~ Jennifer Finstrom, Poetry Editor of Eclectica Magazine and Peer Editor at Depaul’s University Center for Writing.

“Oestreich opens Cosmophagy with a poem that takes its title from the musical term “Sotto Voce” which is defined as an intentional lowering of the voice. This purposeful lowering engages the reader and guides them into a collection which seeks to understand the universe through the coarse Braille of tree bark and the alphabet beneath the river’s stones. And that, dear readers, is just the start.”

~ Jessie Carty, author of Morph


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