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Short stories by Michelle Ristuccia

  • ISBN 978-1-61019-220-0
  • $8.00 US paperback
  • $2.99 US ebook

With these compulsively readable stories, Michelle Ristuccia creates a new genre in PREMEDITATIONS. This chapbook achieves a fresh look at our times, seeming to simplify while posing new questions about all we accept as reality — much as fairy tales and sci fi must have when first told. Ristuccia reveals forbidden texts, such as the complete “Articles of Faith” concerning cookies: tenets that are funny and a little sad, that cut to the core of our many belief systems. She dares tell first-person, true-life accounts of encounters with stick figures that become threatening; with a father who has a dangerous, rejuvenating secret; with immature non-human beings that in no way resemble anything we’ve come to expect. Whether humanoid, android, or otherwise sentient, PREMEDITATIONS is a must read.


MICHELLE RISTUCCIA’s short fiction has appeared in many far-flung markets over the years. She writes reviews of speculative short fiction for Tangent Online and has a habit of reviewing novels for her blog. She is a second generation homeschooler and SAHM to her three young children. She is glad they don’t have any pets, because they would bother the household hob. You can find out more about her writing projects and geeky obsessions by visiting


“Premeditations by Michelle Ristuccia offers an alluring sampler of dark flash fiction, bite-sized and delicious like a tray of freshly-baked cookies. And, as with cookies, you can’t stop at reading just one.”

Alex Shvartsman, Editor in Chief of UFO Publishing

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