2016 Chapbook Series

Click to subscribe at our shop.
Click to subscribe at our shop.

Receive a fun, quick read semi-monthly in your mailbox! Subscriptions now available (a $78 value):

  • Full year (9 titles): $50
  • SPRING Poetry (3 titles): $20
  • SUMMER Prose (3 titles): $23
  • AUTUMN Nature (3 titles): $23

FREE SHIPPING in the USA, $5 elsewhere

The first 20 subscribers will also receive a copy of 2015’s ARTIFACTS & RELICS by Mark J. Mitchell.

Chapbooks included in the subscription are:

SPRING : Poetry

Cosmophagy by David Oestreich
Poems on the inseparability of “human” and “nature” in the American Mid-West
[February, $8.00]

Points of Reference by Matthew Babcock
Poems on travel and family in the American West
[March, $8.00]

Little Town gods by L. Ward Abel
Poems on loneliness and the disappearance of open space in America’s rural South
[April, $8.00]

SUMMER : Prose

Mosquito Rain by Dan Szczesny
The author of The Nepal Chronicles and The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie searches Alaska for the true meaning of its nickname: The Last Frontier.
[June, $10.50]

The Book of Wishful Thinking by Darla K. Crist
A series of flash-fictions that explore the arc of a wish in the lives of a diverse set of characters.
[July, $10.50]

Orange Balloon by Samantha Priestley [UK]
A novella in flash-fiction about Chris, newly separated from his family, who finds comfort in the company of an orange balloon as he roams the UK.
[August, $10.50]

AUTUMN : Nature

Watershed by Jeanie French
Poems by a logger’s daughter that explore the dynamics of livelihood versus land.
[October, $10.50]

A Year Unfolding by Debbie Strange [Canada]
Haiku on the change of seasons in Manitoba
[November, $8.50]

WaterWays  poems by William O’Daly, prose & photography by JS Graustein
Poems, essays, and photographs of New Hampshire’s lakes, rivers, and seacoast.
[December, $10.50]

Behind-the-scenes photos of the production process are added on a weekly basis to the Editor in Chief’s chapbook album on Flickr. As the chapbooks are nearing release, excerpts will be available here on the chapbook blog.

US Residents may also order by check:

Folded Word
79 Tracy Way
Meredith NH 03253

payee: Folded Word
memo: 2016 Subscription [year/season]
amount: $50 (year) OR $20 (spring) OR $23 (summer OR autumn)

Be sure to write your email address on your check or on a post-it stuck to your check so we can contact you for updates and/or clarifications.


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