The Satire Lounge

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by Joseph Hutchison

  • ISBN 978-1-61019-227-9
  • $8.00 US paperback
  • $0.99 US ebook coming Spring 2016

The Satire Lounge is a guide to the underbelly of the writing world, lit by a lone “laptop’s screenlight glint” and fed by “Mike’s Fine Sardines.” Here, “Thought Police” patrol “high-speed poetry,” while cowpies take over haiku. A “PhD Candidate Contemplates His Future” in a world where only old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons can remind us of…what was it? Oh yes, those open “miles and miles / of miles and miles” we used to call poetry.

Print copies are available to order from our shop, hosted by Big Cartel. If you live in the USA and don’t want to use PayPal, you can send a check for $8 made out to “Folded Word” with “Satire Lounge” in the comment line to: Folded Word, 79 Tracy Way, Meredith NH 03253. Copies are also available from most booksellers.


JOSEPH HUTCHISON, a poet and author of more than 15 books, lives in the mountains southwest of Denver,
Colorado, the city where he was born. He teaches at the University of Denver’s University College, where he currently directs two programs: Arts & Culture and Global Affairs. In September 2014, he was appointed Colorado Poet Laureate by Governor John Hickenlooper. To learn more, please visit him at



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