The Earth-Boat

Click to pre-order the 2nd Edition paperback
Click to pre-order the 2nd Edition paperback

The Earth-Boat

by Joseph Hutchison

  • ISBN 978-1-61019-905-6 (Signature Edition) sold out
  • ISBN 978-1-61019-214-9 (Green Edition) out of print
  • ISBN 978-1-61019-221-7 (Paperback, 2nd Edition) $8.00
  • eBook, 2nd Edition $0.99

The eighteen poems in this collection take an arc-like journey through western North America. Colorado, Mexico, California—regardless of place, Joseph Hutchison finds a way to commune with nature and communicate with people. These poems simultaneously describe focused moments and broad narratives in language infused with the inhabitants and sensations of each place. Crows. Comets. Mountains. Oceans. Joseph’s description of this earth-boat we all share is so engaging that “for a few breaths [you may] feel it drifting.”

Paperback (2nd Edition):

Paperback Edition launched on Valentine’s Day 2015 — fitting since we love this chapbook so much we had to publish it twice:-) It contains revised and updated poems, celebrating Joseph’s appointment as Colorado’s Poet Laureate for the 2014-2018 term. Copies may be ordered from most online booksellers or special-ordered from brick-and-mortar bookshops.

eBook (2nd Edition):

eBooks are available in MOBI format from Amazon’s Kindle store. Anyone who purchased 1st editions (Signature & Green) from our shop will receive a free e-copy by email.

Hand-tinted cover of the Signature Edition
Hand-tinted cover of the Signature Edition

Signature Edition:

Signature Edition was an archival-quality, hand-crafted, numbered chapbook. Production was limited to 50 copies, constructed with hand-stitched binding, calligraphy cover, and creme 25% cotton paper.

Green Edition:

Green Edition was constructed with green parchment cover, 100% recycled paper text block, and hand-stitched binding.


JOSEPH HUTCHISON, a poet and author of more than
15 books, lives in the mountains southwest of Denver,
Colorado, the city where he was born. He teaches at the
University of Denver’s University College, where he currently
directs two programs: Arts & Culture and Global Affairs. In
September 2014, he was appointed Colorado Poet Laureate
by Governor John Hickenlooper. To learn more, please visit
him at


Special thanks to John Ransom for allowing us to adapt his painting, One Red Pool. To see more of John’s art, please visit him at

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