The original cover of the Green Edition


by Brenda Bowen

ISBN 978-1-61019-211-8 (Green Edition) $6 + $1 shipping

In this poetry collection, Brenda Bowen shares snapshots from a life spent along the American River Watershed. Whether it’s a childhood amongst olive trees, a holiday in the desert, or a day trip to the ocean, a never-ending quest for love comes through in lines as changeable as the river that serves as her constant. Well-published in agricultural topics, this is Brenda’s poetic debut.

This is also the debut of Folded Word’s Placer Voices line. Placer Voices is a local initiative that provides publication opportunities to residents of Northern California’s mountain counties.

Print chapbooks are made to order and will ship as soon as they are bound. eBooks purchased directly from us will be emailed as soon as the order is processed. Riverwalker is available now from the following:



Brenda Bowen is a freelance writer, writer, painter, and teacher at Yuba College. She has published numerous non-fiction works on agriculture, politics, public safety, health, community, and business development. This is her first poetry collection. Brenda received her M.A. in English from Eastern New Mexico University as well as UCLA post graduate study in creative writing.


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