Acknowledgement Glitch

Folded Word apologizes that the acknowledgements section was inadvertently omitted from the print editions of the chapbook From Colder Climates by John Sibley Williams. The author did extend his heartfelt gratitude to the following journals for previously publishing poems in the collection’s original manuscript:

Confessional Hymns- Flint Hills Review
Distant Vacation- Arlington Literary Journal
Stone Sagas- The Journal and Poet’s Ink
Icelandic Church- Winner of Nostalgia Press’ 2011 Heart Poetry Award
Reykjavik- The Houston Literary Review and Tertulia Magazine
Winter- Nibble and Willows Wept Review
Everyone is Cold, Sometimes- Wilderness House Literary Review
Rebuilding Over and Again- Tertulia Magazine and Willows Wept Review
Icelandic Horses- Literary Bohemian
This Other Island- Hawaii Review
The North Sea- 322 Review
Baltic Covenant- Third Wednesday and Munyori Literary Review
Sleepless Harbor- Cirque
Some Notes Beginning With Winter- Leveler
Manners of Distortion- The Furnace Review
Portrait of My Grandmother- Third Wednesday
November- Verdad Magazine


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