Snowing Fireflies

Hand tinted cover of the original Signature Edition

by Eric Beeny

ISBN 978-1-61019-980-3 (Signature Edition)
ISBN 978-1-61019-202-6 (Green Edition)
ISBN 978-1-61019-001-5 (e-book Edition)

Out of Print

Eric Beeny blurs the line between prose and poetry in this collection. His seemingly-simple tales of the way we cope with love and loss are woven into a rhythmic cloth. Rich in detail, even the Twitter-sized stories leave an afterimage.

Listen to Eric read “Helium Prophylactic”, a short story from his chapbook

Praise for Eric’s work:

A quaint and mysterious little collection that balances the unreal and real. Eric Beeny writes with a child-like wonder, resulting in powerful surreal images, and a yearning for human connection. It’s a satisfying balancing act that I enjoyed immensely. I’m looking forward to the next thing Eric Beeny does.

—Shane Jones, author of Light Boxes


Eric Beeny lives in Buffalo, New York and is the author of The Dying Bloom (Pangur Ban Party, 2009). His forthcoming books include Of Creatures (Gold Wake Press, 2011) and Pseudo-Masochism (Amnesias and Artifacts) (Medulla Publishing,2011). He has also published three e-books, is the founder of a music project known as Failsafe-B, and co-edits an ongoing e-chap series with Gold Wake Press. Eric has been equally enthusiastic about his poetry appearing in unFold and his fiction appearing in PicFic. The entire editorial staff at Folded Word thank him for his hard work, flexibility, and trust.


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